Bill Murk · Bio

Bill’s remarkable musical giftedness was evident from early childhood. At just four years old, as his sister was playing the piano, Bill commented from another room that she was “playing on the black keys.” Sure enough, his dad checked and found Bill had absolute pitch, which is a rare musical gift that enabled him to recognize the exact pitch of notes without any assistance. He spent hours on end, enraptured by the works and biographies of the greatest classical composers. This ignited a lifelong passion within him, beginning on the piano and then on to his true love, the violin. In those early years, Bill traveled around the world in concert ministry with his parents and sisters as “The Murk Family,” affording him great opportunity to develop his gift.

Bill continued this musical heritage for twenty more years with his wife Jeanine and daughters, Brienne and Heather Michelle, first as The Bill Murk Family, and then as the group, Myrrh. Bill’s music ranges from favorite hymns and to fast-paced Celtic and a touch of bluegrass. What makes Bill stand out from other violinists is his ability to interpret the music and improvise, rather than simply playing the melody. It’s almost like a highly trained violinist meets country fiddler as Bill draws from his rich background in the classics, his interest in harmonies, and unique styles to create an instrumental concert unlike anything people have experienced before.

From the beginning of our marriage, Jeanine and I felt God wanted us to be music missionaries. We formed an organization called In Tune Ministries and have used music to share about the love of Christ around the world.”

Bill has a master’s degree in violin performance from Chicago Musical College, and has studied with teachers from the lineage of the famed Leopold Auer of the Russian School. 

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“The music you presented was very well received. Your gifts and talents were well used and all the men were blessed.” Kevin R. Diaz - Promise Keepers

“Bill’s remarkable gift of music literally rocked us all. Hearts soared, children danced in the aisles and our older saints tapped toes and sang along with his phenomenal, emotionally charged music. More than just Bill’s music inspired across generations. His testimony fires up faith and his message of triumph and praise exudes worshipful glory to God.” Virginia Staat, Timber Ridge Presbyterian Church (TX)

“I have always respected a fine craftsman, but when you add the gifts of warmth, sensitivity and have Bill Murk...I would be proud to have Bill on first chair anywhere I conduct.” David T. Clydesdale, Grammy Award winning composer, arranger

“Certainly Bill is able to impress a crowd with his amazing musical expertise on the violin. But the impact of his concert entails much more than captivating entertainment. Bill’s music truly touches the heart in a unique way as he plays well-loved songs of faith with great passion . . . We are eager to have him return!” Pastor Doug Corlew, Senior Pastor at Summit Evangelical Free Church (IA)

"Bill Murk's inspirational performance, combined with his sensitive heart seems to draw his audiences into the very presence of the Lord. His broad range of musical styles makes him a favorite of many. Bill is one of the finest Christian instrumental artists of our day." Ken Barker - Word Music

"Many commented that they wish they would have invited their friends and family . . . One of the objectives of having this annual concert is so that students might see how others are using their talents for Christ. Bill Murk did that wonderfully through his music and words." Cindy Edwards, Emmanuel Baptist (OH)

"Bill has a refreshing way of sharing the gospel through music. His talent and dedication inspire me and all who hear him play" Steven V. Taylor, Dove Award winning producer, arranger, songwriter

“Bill puts on an exceptional concert. Bill is a brilliant violinist and arranger who can play anything -- hymns, classical, country, contemporary praise music -- on his violin and do it extremely well.” George Sweeting, Chancellor - Moody Bible Institute

“Bill has flying fingers as he gracefully plays the violin. His sharing between songs about God’s faithfulness through trials put substance to this event.” Mark Fechter, Lighthouse Concerts (WI)

"I am pleased to recommend the ministry of Bill Murk. It has been my joy to have Bill minister at my church on several occasions and I found he never came to perform but to minister; he was always prayed up, anointed and sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.” Gary Blanchard, Asst. Superintendent - Illinois District, Assemblies of God

Bill Murk